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Re: Happy 1st Birthday JuneBugs!!

Thanks guys.
The bleeding didn't really progress like I thought it would - really just red spotting through the late morning and early afternoon, stopped from about 3pm on, but just came again now, same red spotting. So while it's not the bleeding I expected (yet), I'm sure it is a loss. I just don't like that it's carrying on - just start and get it over with.

I'm having a stupid rough time of it. I would think the 4th time would be... I dunno, easier somehow? But for some reason I was convincing myself that surely it wouldn't happen again and everything would be fine. It's just crushing me.
It's always hard to make a choice in the midst of things... but I do remember the time TTC Levi, the 3 losses that came, and I don't know if I'm strong enough right now to go through that again. I am debating going to my Dr at the beginning of next week for bc pills. Even just taking them for 6 months would give me that time to gain strength and courage to face this again. Obviously I'll be thinking about it more over the weekend.
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