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Re: The Membrane Scrape

Originally Posted by kkweight
I think its just really really early labor, maybe just some dialation. So i would stay hydrated. Walk alot but dont get fatigued. Sit on a birth ball, from what ive learned this helps open the pelvis a bit. Try some relaxtion methods and dont get overly anious, if they peter out dont worry, your body is just getting ready.
So, it sounds like this is a good start. Way to go! Have you tried evening primrose oil? Also, be sure to drink up some red raspberry leaf tea. Very nourishing to the placenta and uterus. It will be so beneficial for you and labor.

I agree with every word this person says. These were the same things I was going to suggest to you as I read your first post.
Just try varying your activities a bit. Take a shower, eat, walk, lay on your side...if the discomfort doesn't subside, and certainly if it becomes more notable and has any pattern to it, you can probably consider them contractions.
But, I agree that it would be very difficult to time them if there is no clear beginning or ending point. I've been having contractions all this week that are just like you describe, and its impossible to pinpoint their climax or their length.
But, let's hope that the sweeping of the membranes did a little something for you and you will soon be in genuine labor and preparing to bring your baby into the world.

Best of luck to you!
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