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Re: The Membrane Scrape

Don't worry; these babies all come out sooner or later. Most women definitely know that they're in labor when it happens, though a few have just a few "menstrual cramps," then, out pops baby. Me, I tend to have long, slow labors; I hope yours will go easily.

It doesn't matter whether it's "officially" labor or not, anyway. Every bit, whether a part of a strong labor, or an easier "prelabor" feeling" is part of the process.

Do you really get a lot of people assuming you're miserable? I get asked, "Are you still here?" a lot, but nobody's saying "you poor thing." Must be a regional thing...

I'm glad to have your "company" here. All my DDB's on the other board I spend time at have had their babies -- either induction or c/s. I'm holding out for the natural way as long as I can.
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