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Re: Happy 1st Birthday JuneBugs!!

Thanks Jessica.

The support and kind words and hugs from you mamas mean so much.
All night there was nothing again. This morning a bit of pink/red spotting when wiping. But nothing more. No cramping. More nausea than I was feeling a few days ago, but I'm attributing that to stress and worry.
I don't understand why it's taking this long to really start. When I've m/c'ed before it's always just started and started, kwim? When it started with brown spotting it was heavier and darker within hours, crampy and heavy bleeding with lots of clots by the following day, passed everything and then went to "normal" AF bleeding for the rest of the week.
Like I said, I just wish this would start and get over and done with so I can move on. This little bit of spotting is silly and nerve wracking. I don't want to get or keep my hopes up, and in my head I know this is a m/c... but my heart keeps saying "what if".
I don't like this "wait and see" game.

And I started a July thread. For myself I suppose
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