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Re: How long can you hide a belly? *pics anyone*?

I'm 5'0", reasonably slim, and what height I have is NOT in the torso. I'm 30 weeks pregnant today, and the coworkers have yet to figure it out. I carry small, low, and tend to wear peasant-type flowing shirts. If I wear something tighter, you can tell (although people still give me the "is it baby or is it Oreos?" look), but the extra fabric and the fact that it all hangs off from my (considerable) boobies hides it quite well.

My cousin went through her entire pregnancy without ANYONE knowing. Including her mother, who woke one morning to a baby crying in the bathroom and discovered she was a grandma. (Which meant that at 10 years old I got the talk from my own mother about how she'd never yell or be mad or throw me out of the house or anything, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SAY SOMETHING if I ever found out I was expecting...)
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