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Re: JuneBugs July Chat

awww Elena . I dunno what to tell you. I am sorry you found that like that (mostly worries me bc what if your kids had hit "restore"?). Is this new (or new to you?) or has he had this 'issue' in the past? If it is not something that you knew about and were ok with it I would confront him. Kind of like, "you left your computer open a-hole" as I was throwing it at him. That's just me, though.

Tam, let us know how the EI goes. He looks like he is having a blast! I want to take K to the beach soooooo bad. The closest is just under 4 hrs away, and I would go for a day trip, but not til the car get fixed. I need to get away with the boys and DH for a few days.
Did I tell you all my sis is pg? The one with the 19 mo old? and this will be her 5th (4 diff dads <sigh>). She met this guy on a dating site. (he has 5 kids too) She says they are gonna get married but right now she is so sick from the pg, he is having some issues with ex-wives, etc. She is in her mid-30's, he is in his mid-40's. Grow up already! And it's a real mess, she is too sick to work, her almost 13 yr old is pissed saying she isn't gonna raise this sis works (and is now too sick to do anything) so a lot of caring for the toddler lies on her other kids. the best part? she had an appt to get her tubes tied when she found out she was preg. Really? ever hear of rubbers? ah well....
Jul, This used to be a great place
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