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Re: Where is Admin?!?!?

Originally Posted by tatertots View Post
They have all the ads for the money they are getting for them, but HELLO don't they realize that people hate those ads. If people start to hate the site enough they are not going to be coming here?

They have to think of all the new people joining here. If I were new in the last few days, I would have left right away and not come back. I would not want to deal with a site that sucks for loading.
It may be different for those of us that have been here forever, we just get mad but still end up coming back, but that soon too will change if things don't start to get better around here.
It seems to be really going downhill lately. I have been around since before we moved here and I am about ready to thrown in the towel..... I am so frustrated. NO ONE is acknowledging us and I can never even get a response from Lee.... whoever the heck he is even anyways!
But hey, as long as they are still making money I guess they are happy!
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