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Re: DS running slow for anyone but me

Originally Posted by tatertots View Post
Sorry you must have misunderstood me here! I was not saying anything bad. I was just saying that I do like FF.
I was just wondering how your DS was working and if you did anything different to get it to work, since there are a lot of people here that do not want to have to install FF for DS to work.
If you were able to get it to work a different way, I was just wondering ho, so anyone that would like to try it could!
Please don't think I was trying to start something. I HATE DRAMA AND WOULD NOT TRY TO START IT!
No I didn't misunderstand And what makes ya think I got it to work????? Its not working for me but uninstalling Java IS NOT a good idea and I don't like Firefox AT ALL, its never worked as it "should" so I am just not really being on DS other then to keep up wih this thread
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