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Re: JuneBugs July Chat

Originally Posted by MeCo7707 View Post
Oh Elena I'm sorry that it hurt/upset/angered you so. If it's not normal/acceptable for you two then you should deal with it in whatever way you feel is best I suppose. I know that when my parents first married and my mom found my dad's stash she put a knife through the stack and left it on his bedside table....I doubt that would work with your DH's computer though....
I'm not totally against that idea... though I think it would end up being a costly choice!
It's definitely not a normal thing, or an okay thing for us. I have too many self-esteem/confidence/etc issues to be okay with thinking about him lusting after other women, I have enough trouble with IRL situations at times. And he's always said he finds it gross and not okay at all.
I'm confused and not sure how to bring it up at all. I'm angry and hurt.

Originally Posted by tamarag View Post
I still feel like Cooper should have been in the September DDC because he is doing things that those babies are doing. Oh well...all in due time. EI comes wednesday with the PT to re-evaluate him. I still haven't scheduled his hearing test or did the blood work. I just don't want to have him stuck if I don't have too!
Tamara I meant to comment on this, too, but forgot. Sorry.
I can totally understand holding off on the labwork and whatnot until after you know more. I'm having a hard enough time with Levi's vaxes - can't imagine him needing more pokes!
Let us know how things go with the therapists. I really think it's great signs that he's sitting so well and starting to crawl and stuff.

Originally Posted by bluedaisyma View Post
awww Elena . I dunno what to tell you. I am sorry you found that like that (mostly worries me bc what if your kids had hit "restore"?). Is this new (or new to you?) or has he had this 'issue' in the past? If it is not something that you knew about and were ok with it I would confront him. Kind of like, "you left your computer open a-hole" as I was throwing it at him. That's just me, though.

Did I tell you all my sis is pg? The one with the 19 mo old? and this will be her 5th (4 diff dads <sigh>). She met this guy on a dating site. (he has 5 kids too) She says they are gonna get married but right now she is so sick from the pg, he is having some issues with ex-wives, etc. She is in her mid-30's, he is in his mid-40's. Grow up already! And it's a real mess, she is too sick to work, her almost 13 yr old is pissed saying she isn't gonna raise this sis works (and is now too sick to do anything) so a lot of caring for the toddler lies on her other kids. the best part? she had an appt to get her tubes tied when she found out she was preg. Really? ever hear of rubbers? ah well....
Yes, I thought of the same thing - what if Ruthie had been the one to turn on the computer? Although, not that it makes it okay, he made her her own user account on his computer with her own password and she doesn't know his password, so she shouldn't have been able to access that anyways. But that's totally not the point.
I didn't think to look at his history... I'm so not sure if I even want to. But at the same time I want to know if this was a one-time thing or something he's been doing every night for a while, kwim? I'm not sure if that would even make a difference in how I feel about it though.

Apparently this is something he has had a problem with in the past - like in his later teen years and before we got married. And there was one time... it would be years ago now, after Isaac was born but before I was pregnant with Levi... that I went downstairs to do laundry and opened the office door to tell him something - only to find him sitting there looking at this stuff. I was pissed. Majorly.
He printed off emails to show me that he said had come to his junk mail folder from an email address with the name of a high school classmate of his, the emails asked him if this (giving a link) was his little sister and did he know what she was doing.
So, he said, he was looking at these sites to see if it was her, to know before saying anything to his parents and sister.
Maybe naive on my part, but I did believe him. It was hard to, but I wanted to, so I did.
Now I'm doubting all that.
Like I said to Mer, I'm confused, angry, and hurt. And I have no clue how to bring it up. I hate confrontation. But I'm not okay with this.

I know it's not right to judge others and whatnot... but why in the world do pregnancies like your sister's happen and turn out just peachy while I m/c again?
It's very sad to hear her 13yr old's comment, too. She's still just a kid, in the grand scheme of life, and shouldn't have to raise a baby - especially one that isn't hers but her mother's!

Originally Posted by omahonycm View Post
Hi - I just wanted to introduce myself and my little one, born June 7th of last year. Her name is Tara. I don't know you're whole story, Elena, but I've seen your posts earlier and have been praying for you. We can't start TTC for #2 yet, but #1 took forever, and it's always always hard. I'm glad you had a good birthday though!
Hi there!
Thank you so much for the prayers and for just thinking of me. There's not much of a whole story - we had 3 kids with nary a huge complication with any pregnancy, and no "trouble" getting pregnant. Then we started TTC when Isaac was 2yrs old... 14mos of TTC... 3 losses - Christmas day 08 (4wk 3d), May 09 2 days after mother's day (5wk4d), July 09 (4wk, "technically" a chemical pregnancy... but having been through it, most definitely a m/c)... then we got pregnant with Levi - no complications, wonderful pregnancy.
I guess I assumed we'd all ready paid our "dues" and wouldn't have to go through any more losses. Silly to assume. I know better now.

Good luck with your own ttc journey! I wish you all the best and hope you get your BFP really soon

Originally Posted by javabarnes View Post
Hi all. Bright red blood for me this morning Nothing later today, but I am getting scared. This is supposed to be our stress-free vacation, not a time to start bleeding
Oh no Shannon. for you and your bean, Hun. I'm so sorry for this stress.

If it is from a SCH, then this could be normal - your body releasing/expelling the bleed. But I know this is so hard and so scary.
Oh sweetie, and
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