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Hello fellow NYC mamas!

I'm also in Brooklyn with 8 month old DS in cloth full time. Took me quite a while to get it down but everything runs smoothly now! In our old apt, we had a ventless washer/dryer combo that would take wayyy too long to dry. We ended up using DiaperKind prefold service until we moved into an apartment with a regular washer and dryer. It's nearly impossible to CD in the city without a decent washer/dryer. Now we wash the diapers on one cold cycle with no detergent, then one hot cycle with 1 pump of Charlie's Soap, then pop them in the dryer! Works for us. Anyone know of a cloth diaper store in NYC? We use mainly BottomBumpers during the day and Imse Vimse AIOs at night. Looking to buy a few more!
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