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Re: Do you let your toddlers get dirty/jump in puddles?

Yep, all the time! I actually bought a nice new top load washer with an agitator because I found that my front load machine wasn't getting my kids muddy clothes clean. Now they can happily jump in the mud and roll in the dirt and I don't even think twice about it. It all comes out in the washer and we rarely have stained stuff so I let them be kids. We used to do the fancy wool longies stuff years ago and now I laugh about it because my life just does not work for that kind of thing now!

The only time I say no is if we are in the process of going somewhere that I actually care about them not being dirty. Sometimes I still let them get dirty and then just change their clothes (specifically the 3yo boy lol) right as we are literally running out the door. Let them be kids!
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