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Re: Meal plans?

I do a weekly meal plan, and I do my grocery shopping once a week on Sunday afternoon. So, I try to have my meal plan done no later than Saturday night. It usually helps if I kind of work on it throughout the week (so I check the grocery store circular as soon as it's available online to see what's going to be on sale the day that I shop, and I write down a meal for next week if it sounds good to me). Then, I just go shop for needed ingredients on Sunday and prepare the meals throughout the week. I do "assign" meals to certain days when I plan (this time of year I usually look at the forecast to see which days are best for grilling or crockpot meals if it's super hot and I don't want to turn on the oven!), but I don't always stick right to it.

Honestly, I have no idea how people shop without meal planning! How would you have any idea on what you need to buy?! This way I know what I need to buy and I don't waste anything. Otherwise I KNOW we'd waste food (things would spoil before we used them) AND money because I'd be in and out of the store all week (gas to get there, plus you never end up coming out with JUST what you went in there for) AND energy.

ETA: And I post our meal plan to our blog every week I do this for a variety of reasons: first, I love seeing other people's meal plans for ideas!, second: it's an easy place for me to reference to see what we're having and DH can do the same, and third: I do a lot of online recipes and this way I can keep all the links together and ready to go!
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