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Re: Does anyone else's preemie get dismissed bc of their size or progress?

I believe there are technical categories for this sort of thing. I had a preterm baby at 36.3 weeks (DD). DS was a full term baby who came a bit early at 37.5weeks. I believe premature is if they are under 34 weeks? And 35-37 weeks is considered pre-term, but not necessarily premature. And then there is another category of micro-preemies, which is another kettle of fish altogether obviously.

From my understanding, preterm babies generally level out with their peers by about 6 months. Premature babies take longer- I believe my friend's 35 weeker saw a pediatrician re. development for the first few years even. And my other friend's micro-preemie (20-something weeks, I can't remember exactly, but she was only a pound when she was born) will have forever issues.

Regardless, let go of the preemie thing, it's not worth the stress. My 'preterm' baby is going to be 3 soon and I can't remember the last time I even thought about her birth status as limiting her development, thank the lord.
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