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Re: Meal plans?

Ohh, I like the blog idea! I haven't been good at keeping blogs lately but that definitely sounds like a good idea

I guess not planning for meals worked for us in a way because we tended to make a lot of the same things (e.g., I'd make eggs or oatmeal for breakfast a lot; we'd have tacos/chicken & rice/chili & rice etc. for dinner; leftovers for lunch, or we'd just cook on a whim if we felt like something in particular - if we had to get groceries anyway, we'd just get what we needed for that meal during that grocery trip.) So we'd just make what we felt like any particular day and had a pretty good idea of what to get from the grocery store.

But, it would definitely be nice to be a bit more organized. I tend to forget what we have if I don't see it - like veggies that are out of sight! So I really like the idea to "shop" ones cupboards/fridge and plan meals before grocery shopping too, to make sure as much as possible is used up and not wasted.
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