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Originally Posted by knlrachel

Hopping in here I don't know your reasons or anyone's reasons for circ'ing. The most common one I hear from parents who do circ is that they chose to do so because they don't like how an intact boy looks. I know there are other reasons, but I also know that my sisters circ'd their boys for cosmetic reasons and I think, if you were to poll parents, many would say it was cosmetic reasons. There are other reasons people choose to circ (religious, health/medical) but I don't find them to be as common.
Most of the reasons I hear are myths. And why is a child not entitled to his own religious rights? He should be allowed to choose what faith he follows when he is old enough to understand and thus shouldn't be 'marked' as a certain faith as an infant.

There are VERY few situations where it is necessary to circ and otherwise it is purely a cosmetic surgery.
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