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Re: I HATE BFING!!!!!!!

Several things come to mind, reading your post:

1. Baby crying throughout a feeding: she may not like the feeding postion, senses your stress, or could be as simple as something in your diet is giving her gas or disagreeing w/ her sensitive tummy. I learned that some seemingly harmless foods would really affect ds.

2. Sooo many feedings in a day sounds like you've inadvertently taught her that it's perfectly acceptable to snack-feed. Of course you feel like she's attached to you 24/7... SHE IS! Lol. A baby's entire metabolism (and sleeping patterns) are greatly influenced by the frequency of feedings and amount they eat.

3. As for the pacifying: we never gave ds a pacifier and he does not thumb suck either. We went to great lengths to make sure of this. I never allow ds to pacify by bf'ing either bc it only creates a snowball effect... crankier baby, more stressed out helpless feeling me. I am a foodsource; not a pacifier! A little crying is healthy. I'd just put ds in his carrier on the front of me and walk around the house doing housework if I knew he wasn't truly hungry. He'd catch on that it wasn't time to eat yet and start focusing on looking at me and my voice and facial expressions and later at the things around him as I moved from room to room. You really can tell the difference between baby being truly hungry and having a power struggle bc they just want to pacify. It will take a while to reguide your lo's routine as to what is and is not acceptable behavior but she'll catch on.... baby's are incredibly smart, that way. And I'm not saying to withhold food either but every 3 hrs is pretty common and you'll know the signs if she's truly hungry before then.

4. If you are truly uncomfortable bf'ing, pump. I have a friend who exclusively pumps. Finding the right bottle and nipple is key though if you choose this route and keep in mind that your baby, at this age WILL REBEL. It will only take a couple days to teach her that this is food and mommy's boobies are not the only bottles in the world. Lol. And don't cave in and bf just bc she throws a fit or you'll send her the message that bad behavior is rewarded. She'll resist and maybe refuse to eat for a little while but she will get hungry and she will eat though not happily the first handful of times. I tried every bottle I could think of and ended up using Dr Brown's bc they were the only ones that ds didn't collapse the nipple on plus it kept most of the gas at bay. Also, I found that in the beginning of bottle feeding, the only way I could get ds to eat from the bottle was to make sure the milk was the same temp as my body so I'd literally walk around packing a bottle in my pocket for a while before feeding time. Then, I'd bf him til he got that glazey sleepy look then pull a switcharoo on him keeping my nipple close so he could still smell it and keeping him in the same feeding position the whole time.... had to basically trick him into it for a while just to get him used to it. Later, he got used to the bottle being so much easier to get the milk out of and actually preferred it during his middle of the night feedings. Once he was used to the bottle, things were alot easier. I could bf when home and bottle feed in public (not bc I mind bf'ing in public but for time's sake when you're out and about, it is sometimes an option I prefer.... especially if we're somewhere I'm not familiar with and don't know their policy or accomodations for nursing mothers.)

I'm so sorry you're struggling with all this. You aren't alone on this emotional rollercoaster. We all go through some of this, in some way, shape or form. You may or may not agree with my views or adopt any of them yourself but please know you'll be in my prayers.

God Bless!

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