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Re: I HATE BFING!!!!!!!

I nursed mine for a combined 39 months. It wasn't my most favorite thing either, but fortunately for me, we chose to do things in such a way with our LOs that I rarely was frustrated or trapped by BFing. We routine fed our babies so they were eating and sleeping very predictably from birth which allowed me to get out for 1-2 hours just a few days after birth. Because we choose to nurse for food not pacification or amusement or comfort, we get full feedings in at each MEAL not SNACK. So at 3 months mine were all eating 6-8x/day and STTN at least 8 hours and gaining weight like mad. Fewer nursing periods in a day was HUGE for me. Even bigger was knowing when my baby's body would need food so I have NEVER nursed in public. Ever. The car? Yes. I could go to the grocery alone or run an errand and know my babies were fine and sleeping well without me. HTH.
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