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Re: How do you promote your business?

Well if I can add my two cents...I am a cloth diaper retailer and I own an SEO and social media consulting firm. From the retailer side of things, absolutely use caution when considering a giveaway. I make sure to know their traffic for their blog, FB fans, and Twitter followers. I need to know the size of my potential audience to decide if ROI would be worth it. My shop has a little over 900 fans on FB and I've been open less than three months. I've seen my website traffic rise in direct correlation to gaining new FB fans. That has been in huge part due to joint ventures with other businesses on FB and sponsoring giveaways on blogs. Also, a tip on FB giveaways...don't giveaway your product on your page (at least not often). Sponsor the giveaway on another businesses page, that way you gain their promotion and their fans to your page and it increases your ROI. I personally only sponsor giveaways for FB businesses that have a minimum of 1000 fans. You have to figure out what makes it worth it to you.

Now as for what can be done to increase traffic:

Create your own blog (having a blog on your website has been shown to increase site traffic by 55%)

Write how-to articles and submit to online magazines and as a guest blogger, ALWAYS with a link back to your site (if you're into seo, make sure to use keywords as your hyperlink)

Create how-to or informational videos and post on social media (offering good content for free to potential customers increases likelihood of sharing with their friends, thereby increasing your traffic and getting your name out there) You don't need fancy equipment either. I've made videos using my cell phone.

If you're on FB, join networking groups- Promote my Fan Page, Toot Your Own Horn, WAHM Connect, Mompreneurs, and many more. They usually have "trains" and visit a group of fan pages and "like" them. They also randomly do shout outs and encourage their fans to visit your page.

Ask for help! It seems simple, but ask your current customers to share/review your business on their websites, blogs, social media venue! Most times they are happy to do so.

Run a contest for current customers. Ex: Have a modeling contest and feature the winning baby on your site, post album of entrants. They will share with fam and friends and create some excitement around your business. And you're not giving away anything for free.

And back to social your business on FB, Twitter, etc.?? If so, are you utilizing that correctly? People don't buy from companies, they buy from people. Are you interacting with your customers on there? Do you just post about sales and new product? That's a no-no. Social media is for building relationships, so make sure you're participating in conversations on there.

Ultimately, you want to make more money right? It's easier to get a former customer to buy something then get a new customer to buy something. Not that you shouldn't try to get new customers, but don't neglect former/current customers. If there's anything you can do to keep a friendly relationship with them, do it. I often send my customers hand written thank you cards a couple weeks after their last purchase along with a discount code. If I have samples I can spare, I ship them out as a surprise to current customers. Even just send follow up emails to see how they're liking their product(s) and if you can help with anything.

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