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Re: I HATE BFING!!!!!!!

Just want to say that I have felt that way at times too I even had the pacifier issue the first 6 months. Drove me crazy. I didn't really experience the closeness until around 6 months when it became less painful. What else I really hated was when I would ovulate and my nipples were super sensitve and SORE. Oh my gosh it felt like they were in a vice grip! Af time was just as bad. I distracted for the longest just like you do. When I sat down to nurse I made sure i had the TV on. I thought I would never be done and couldn't wait to stop. It wasn't the easy experience I had with ds2. For some reason it was far more painful and difficult. It was so bad this time that I just took it one day at a time and had one small milestone to conquer like 1 more week or 1 more month. Now he just turned 1 and I am ready to have my body back so we are working on only 3 feedings a day.

Breastfeeding is not easy for all So what I suggest is supplimenting just 1 feeding a day with formula to give yourself a break. I did this with ds2 and ds3. There were days I just couldn't do 1 more feeding and whipped out a bottle. It was just the 1 feeding but man did I feel more at ease! It took him a little bit to get used to it and it dribbled right out of his mouth for the majority of the feeding but he got the hang of it. It really did help my sanity on those really difficult days. It made for a happier mom and I could enjoy the feeding as well. Some will flame me for suggesting the supplimental feeding but I could care less. It helped me through breastfeeding! Never affected my supply either.
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