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Originally Posted by FrozenBooty
I've lived here my whole life old navy gymboree crazy 8 gap all ship cheap/free

Shipping out or in 13 ounce or less first class is best 13 ounce or more fit it in a flat rate box.

Amazon ships pretty reasonably I have the upgraded membership for free shipping and you can buy from target through there but you can't do any of the auto subscribe stuff

Like previous poster mentioned everyone will ship here for a price
Ok how on earth do you get Prime to ship for free?!? I have Amazon Prime and don't get the free shipping unless its an item that has super saver shipping.

Lots if baby stores won't ship even for extra fees..,like etc won't ship at all.

We had Full Circle Farms but had a box of rotten stuff so we quit. We are starting with the Glacier Valley soon.

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