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I am currently in the hospital with my 1 month old DD with a dx of failure to thrive. In one month she has still yet to gain back her birth weight and over the last week she hasn't gained an ounce. She has been EBF since birth and honestly seemed to be eating and sleeping just fine. I spoke with several LCs just to be sure all was well since i have a persistent fissure on one nipple. They have all said her latch is perfect and they could see no reason for the nipple damage.

Here in the hospital the LC thinks DD has an issue sucking correctly even though her latch is great. Which would account for the low supply and nipple damage. We will be seeing an oral motor therapist on Tuesday to address that. In the mean time I am supplementing with formula and pumped milk with an SNS and then pumping after every feed as well (only getting about 20ml from both breasts together). The problem now is I know I should be getting her on the breast often but she wants nothing to do with latching closer than every three hours and most times won't take both breasts. I am assuming because the formula is more filling. I will also be starting fenugreek and blessed thistle to try to up my supply as soon as I can get to a store.

The disappointing part is that the LC has warned me that it is likely I will never be able to EBF. Unfortunately, I have two older kiddos to take care of and just cannot feed with the SNS and pump like this for an extended time frame. It takes up nearly all of my time here in the hospital and I have no other responsibilities here, I just don't see it working out at home.

UPDATE 8.11.11:
So much has changed in the last month! I have been seeing a LC 2-3 times a week since we left the hospital 4 weeks ago. She has helped us wean off supplements and track weight gain. For the past two weeks we have been happily nursing round the clock and only giving one two oz supplement a day. She has gained more than TWO pounds since we left the hospital and just on Monday weighed in at exactly ten pounds! I can totally handle one supplement a day, I just hope she continues to grow well so we don't have to add supplements back in.
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