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Re: Needing encouragement!

Hang in there mama!
Hopefully the oral motor therapist will be all it takes to help your situation. It's a lot to take on with pumping, plus BF, plus SNS, plus formula, and your LO knows how much you love her doing all this! Your LO nursing is truly the best stimulation to make more milk, and the herbs help too. There is a prescription med called Domperidone that is commonly used to increase milk supply too, side effects are little to none. I started out with a low milk supply, I still take Domperidone with Motherlove's More Milk Special Blend every day. I was consistently using a LactAid SNS during BF sessions.
At that time, I was making about 30% of what DS was eating in a day, the rest was formula. Since then I've basically weaned us off of the SNS and now I'm making 75% of his daily needs. So the LC might be right, but she might be wrong. Each women is different. It also doesn't hurt to have a 2nd opinion, a different LC might be more encouraging.
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