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Re: Needing encouragement!

Oh my goodness - I could have written this post! My son was also diagnosed as FTT when he was a month old and he was hospitalized in March (he was 4 months old) because he was losing weight. He was 9lbs at birth and 8lbs 3oz when we went home. Everyone (doctors, LC, nurses) said that he must have been swollen at birth to have lost so much weight. (he wasn't) Turns out he has a problem sucking and swallowing (dysphagia), and was working so hard to eat that we was burning more calories than he could get.
At 4 months old he only weighed 10lbs, and he started losing weight, so his doctor placed him in the hospital for testing. I am so thankful that it was "just" a sucking/swallowing issue because they tested him for some pretty scary things. I too was EBF and had to stop because they had to find a nipple he could use. I pumped for 3 months but decided that this was not working out for my family. (I tell you this NOT to discourage you and I am not saying you can't pump. Just telling you my story) Not being able to BF was very hard for me - I felt like I was morning a loss, and no one really understood that.
Anyway, he is now 8 months old and almost 16 lbs. He has started solids with no problems. His weight gain is still very slow, but we are expecting it to pick up once he is not sucking on a bottle for his food.
All of that to say - HANG IN THERE! You are in the best place to figure out what is going on, and one day this will just be one of the many stories of your baby's life. Please feel free to email me if you need to talk - Praying for answers! ~ Melissa
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