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Need advice on next diapers to buy

We are going out of town in a couple weeks and will not have access to a washer. I will be a dozen changes short before we can get a load done, so I need to figure out what to buy to bolster my stash. We are anti-disposable, so we would rather spend a little more money to buy more cloth.

The problem is, I feel as overwhelmed as when I was originally looking into CDing. I ended up just buying 22 Fuzzibunz OS because I figured I couldn't go wrong with "top of the line."

We are mostly happy with the FB, except for overnights. They leak every night, without fail... and we co-sleep. Just because I have come to accept getting peed on every night doesn't mean I don't want it to stop.

Oh, and I want some super cute prints...

We can only afford $60. Rather than spend the money on diapers that will sit in a dresser as emergency back ups, I would like to supplement what I have and solve this overnight problem.

My son is 4.5 months and weighs 20 pounds. He has big chunky legs. He floods his diapers at night and poops in more than half of them during the day.

I was thinking hemp pre-folds with snappis would be good. How many covers are realistic for getting through a day/night? Any better recommendations?

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