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Re: Best swim dipe

Originally Posted by KumfyKozies View Post
Any sized pocket diaper one size smaller than the baby current wears- unstuffed!
See, and this is what we've been using up until this point, but DS ALWAYS gets a bunch of water trapped in the diaper. He walks around after getting out of the pool with "droopy drawers" and I have to force the water out. Guess that PUL really is waterproof!

We're going to be going on our first family vacation and we'll be at the beach so I'm thinking we need something a little better since he'll be in and out of the water and in a swimsuit so much! Is the same thing going to happen with a swim diaper, or are they better about not trapping water?

I think I'm probably going to bring our current "swim diaper" along as a back up though and only purchase one "real" swim diaper.
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