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Re: Where is Admin?!?!?

Originally Posted by marcia View Post
a few questions...

i have only been here a few months, and lee - you claim that the ads are no different. that is not true. when i started posting on here, i only ever saw WAHM ads or the diaper store ads. now there are more and more ads that have NOTHING to do with cloth diapers and are NOT WAHM sites. ex: how to lose weight, etc.
The reason for this is less WAHMs are choosing to run banner ads. They are choosing to become forum sponsors instead. So taking their banner out of rotation, and adding it into the forum sponsors means less WAHM banner ads across the top.

second - sam, you said that there has been talk about "we" will have to pay to have the ads turned off? did you mean lee would have to pay extra to have the ads turned off? or each member will have the option to pay?
cause if it is if each member will have to pay to use this board to have the ads turned off, you will lose most if not ALL of your members.
It would be COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. Users could still use the site free.

about the rumors with the contest. it was said that if they were true - that post would have been deleted. that is NOT true. sorry. but as long as that post is still on this board, it shows in the numbers at the end of the month on the post count.
If it will stop all the rumors I will delete the thread.

to own a message board. i used to have to delete the HUGE threads like that because it would make the board run slower.
and yes, my board was actually HUGE, a moms board.

i was also wondering why people were switching and downloading firefox. that is what i run on all the time and i couldn't get the board to work for the past few days either. not till this morning was it running right for me. and no, i don't have dial-up.
I use firefox as well. As I said in a previous thread, I would have 5 pages load just fine and then 1 or 2 run slow. With how much I was here, I wasnt really having any problems with how much I was here over the last few days.

a few more questions -
i think it is only fair to post this info and let the members know for sure what is really going on.
who is the server this board is ran on.
who is the host company
how much do you pay per month
how many GB does DS pull a month

I dont know all of the answers to those questions. WHAT I do know I will answer. I know that when the board was moved over to the new board/server (April or so of last year). Jo was paying 160$ a month to host DS. For a few months she was short and put the excess on her CC. Which is when the google ads started being used. I also know that since then we have moved to servers with more resources (which means more money) at least a few times. The latest server upgrade was a HUGE one. When we were on the old board (and we were a lot smaller) Jo used a shared server and it was A LOT cheaper.

I DO know that a board with 14,000+ members (almost 5600 of those active members) will take a BUNCH more resources than a board with 1000 members.

Beyond that, is it really your business? No one is forced to pay anything to use the board. It is FREE to use it. People can choose to advertise, but it is a CHOICE. You dont go to a WAHM and say "Hi, I would like to know how much you pay for a yard of fabric, how much fabric it takes to make a diaper, how long it takes you to make it, how about thread? How much thread does it take you to make a diaper?" If you did that the WAHM would tell you its none of your business.
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