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Re: Electrolux vs Bosch washing machine for diapers

Originally Posted by noahs naturally View Post
I have an Electrolux set. We chose it because of the large capacity (I can easily wash and dry a queen comforter and pillows), the sanitize with steam cycle is great, and the inside of both of the drums is metal (so no dark blue dye transfer when drying jeans). Even the mesh on the lint catcher is finer than any of the other machines we looked at when shopping around, so I'm happy with the quality.

Diaper laundry-wise, I do feel like I need to use the 2-hr sanitize cycle every time in order to get the dipes clean (and free of barnyard/ammonia smells), which is probably hard on diapers. Nevertheless, I do include my PUL and wet bags and they're surviving so far!

I have no experience with Bosch.
Sanitize will not hurt your diapers. I have been sanitizing with my miele all the time. (For 6 years or more now) :O)

Which set is it? HOw long have you had it? What are the best features?

What is the steam part all about? Just trying to understand that part.

Does the dryer spin both ways?
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