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Re: Laundry Detergent

I would try using whatever you normally use on your clothes. You might want to strip first with a good hot wash w/ a bit of bleach to kill any germs and help get rid of any residue. Start fresh and then just wash like you normally wash clothes and add an extra rinse. You may or may not find that a dab of bleach in every wash or every few washes helps keep problems away. I truly think all the complicated wash routines and "safe" detergents are the root cause of so many posts each day about stinkies/rash, etc. I've been CDing for 7 years and active on multiple parenting forums, yet I didn't notice that many posts regarding rashes and stinkies until the suggestions started getting so complicated and manufacturers started requiring you to only use fancy detergents and stand on your head while you wash!

Personally I like Tide free & gentle (NOT the Ultra powder) either the original powder or the liquid. I'm switching over to Costco's generic liquid version of it because thats what I want to use on my regular laundry. I'm a big believer in keeping wash routines simple and not stressing about detergents. I'm also naughty probably because I use bleach in every diaper load! I use about 1/4c in a big toploader and then follow up with a vinegar rinse in the fabric softener cup to neutralize the bleach and rinse out any detergent residue. Our diapers are buttery soft like new, no wear issues, almost no staining, no rashes, no stinkies. Even my 3yo can wear hemp at night and it smells like just pee in the morning. Actually our diapers look WAY better than the year I spent fighting with natural detergents and doing 57 washes to get the stinkies out.
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