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Re: Where is Admin?!?!?

Originally Posted by marcia View Post
well, if you are going to offer an option for people to pay on here, i think they should know how much it all breaks down.
if you break down from your old server - at $160 a month to run the board
then WAHM are paying $35 a month if you have just 5 moms on here paying for the forum ads spots - that right there covers the board to be ran. there are more that 5 WAHMs that have forum ads on here now.
so the board is being paid for.
plus the charge for the banner ads.
It is NOT that cheap now. As I said before we have had upgrades since then. The last one being a HUGE upgrade. If a WAHM sells a diaper for $X you look at that price and think "is that diaper worth $X to ME or is it more than I am willing to pay?" You then make a decision to purchase it or move on. You dont ask the WAHM how much money it costs her to make it and THEN decide if its worth it to you.

Also, why do you think these people should work for free? Is it WRONG for the owners to make a little bit of money? Is it wrong for a WAHM to charge 5$ over material costs per diaper to make some profit? The bottom line. YOU use this forum FOR FREE, why does it matter to YOU how much the forum makes or spends on expenses? Something else you dont see, maybe the MODS are "paid" by free advertising? SO maybe a few of the banners you see are MODS banners which they didnt PAY to run.

then you want to have the members pay to have the option of no ads being shown. that doesn't make sense. the board doesn't NEED to charge the members. ever board i looked into to have the option of NOT having the google ads, don't charge that much. i KNOW it is way less than $50 a month. (which would be covered by banner ads)
I dont think I ever mentioned how much we were thinking about charging to remove the ads. The last we talked about it, it was going to be a VERY small amount (like less than a dollar a month). I also recall saying it was something we were TALKING ABOUT. Which means, it wasnt something that we were going to do FOR SURE.

guess now we all know why lee has such a high pay check. hell, maybe we should all start our own board and do this.
cause it really isn't hard to run a board.
Go right ahead! I also think Lee's paycheck came from SEVERAL sources. Not just one or two sources.

and i was asking about how much bandwidth was because i know a GREAT hosting site that doesn't charge hardly anything. it isn't VB, so it has a slight different set-up but it IS much easier to use and user friendly.
I am sure when the board was moved over Jo looked at all the choices availiable and I am sure there was a good reason she chose vBulletin. I wasnt admin during that time so I have no idea why she chose the route she did.
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