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Re: The Membrane Scrape

I'm here! I'm here... the pains are still here also. I landed up staying up most of the night because of Sam's mega-hard kneeing. To add along to the pains down below every now and again my belly will feel hard as a rock. I mean HARD. It's weird.. but I"m hoping that that may also be a mild contraction. It doesn't hurt, so I don't really notice it.. but there's a definate difference inbetween "mushy belly" and "rock hard belly" (I always wanted a rock hard belly... not like this though )

You mamas are so reassuring. It's hard when things arn't "textbook" with labor... so, really, really... thank you so much for your stories and well-wishes!

Edited to add: I just got back from DH's work--they gave him/me/Sam a surprise baby shower (nothing better than a baby shower in an embrodriary factory... ) today at lunch. They said they'd been planning it for a good week and HOPING that Sam wouldn't come early... so, I shook my fist at them and told them THAT's why Sam hasn't come yet!! Now he has no other social engagements... other than birth--whoohoooo!
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