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Help choosing a more breathable, gentle cover (not wool or fleece)

We love coverless and wool for home, but I'm trying to find a cover for going out that is more breathable and gentle than PUL. I love the fit of Flips, but my DS always ends up with bad red marks (he has my very sensitive skin). I do use wool sometimes when out, but I have two issues... bulk and a boy with forceful pee (and all up front). We do part-time EC and change as soon as possible if he wets, but if we're in a car, etc. it can be longer.

I'd like something that I can use with flats. I've been looking at the Nikky covers and it looks like people like the rainbow edge a lot, but I was also considering the all cotton and the breathable poly. Does anyone have suggestions as to what would be best? I've read through threads here and the sites where they are sold and I'm still confused

I was also considering the Imse Vimse organic cotton, but it looks like those have PUL gussets and hidden PUL so they probably wouldn't work, right?

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