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Re: Where is Admin?!?!?

Samantha, you are to sweet and dear to put up with this silly questioning. If ANYONE has questions about the running of the boards or why the boards go down, don't complain in public and type childish comments. Also, with 3 admin on the team, please be more patient in terms of issues and downtime.

If you have an issue with DS, take it to PMing with ME. Don't bother our wonderful team of mods and admin with it, please.

Regarding more ads, we don't have more ads. Some are different ads, but we don't have more. We have had the same level of ads for a few months at least. While I did begin working with a new ad network, I actually replaced existing ad units with the new network rather than adding new placements. All of these ads go towards keeping this place up and running for you all to enjoy.

Regarding the rumor of selling this forum, once again the answer is no. The contest was great (the big thread isn't causing tech issues) and many of our members really enjoyed it.

Regarding how much it costs to run this FREE forum and which company the site is hosted with, I won't be answering those questions. I don't feel a need to share behind the scene details with anyone on this FREE forum that the admin / mod team provides as a service to you. If you don't like it, please leave and stop complaining (or stick around and leave the complaints at home).

Again, I will be me with complaints, concerns, questions as the other admin and mods DON'T need to be bothered with that.

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