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Re: What do you eat? Where do you get it? Grocery budget is killing me!

Originally Posted by averysydneymommy View Post
When we were in a pinch I used the Hillbilly Housewive's $45 dollar menu . . . that is $45 for one week for 4-6 people. She has a $70 per week menu that we use too when the grocery budget is getting low. I add fresh fruit to at least 2 of the meals and usually get to about $90-$100 per week when I do that:
I pull alot of ideas from her site but Im not sure I could get everything for $100 for the $45 menu, I couldnt do $45 in CA either it came out closer to $80. My problem is mostly Im new and dont know where the good shopping is at but Im learning. Im not military so no commisary.
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