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Re: What do you eat? Where do you get it? Grocery budget is killing me!

Originally Posted by kikitree View Post

I've been here for almost 20 years now and I promise, I'm not keeping any secrets from you! An extreme solution but you could apply for a lot in one of the community gardens and grow your own veggies.

Good! I need no secrets! My mainland friends that grew up here keep telling me to shop at Don Quioxte but its kind of far in the opposite direction of where I mainly go and its been at least 10 years since theyve lived here. You think its worth checking out? A community garden would probably be fun if theres one nearby.

My navigtional skills are getting better too. I used a whole tank and 1/2 less this last month so thats exciting. Im guessing I wasted that much getting lost and having to backtrack. Go me!

I dont mind lerning to cook differently. I became a mexican food pro living in San Diego but that wont work here mexican staples are pretty pricey. Other than rice at every meal, what else would be considered local everyday cooking?

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