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Re: Does anyone else's preemie get dismissed bc of their size or progress?

I haven't read all replies but I do think "older" preemies are impacted less by prematurity. Mine were on the older side at 34w5d. DS was in the NICU for 6 weeks and I got to see other (earlier) preemies there. From what I saw it seemed even 1 week of additional time in the womb made a big difference.

So I guess I can understand the mother of a 33-weeker attributing things to prematurity and I guess I'd give her that and let her have it if she wants, KWIM? My almost-35 weekers were not that behind--they crawled a little later and walked a little later (14 months) but it was still kind of in the range of normal (I walked late myself and I was full term, so I also chalked some of it up to genetics). My pedi said things were going to be a cross between their actual age and their adjusted age and I found that to be true. As my kids have gotten older (they are now 4 y.o.) the differences pretty much disappeared and I no longer consider them preemies at all. Whereas my friend who had 30 week preemies will always, always consider her DDs preemies. (One of them is so tiny -- she's 6 y.o. but is the size of a 3 y.o. -- that I think it would be hard for my friend to not consider prematurity when she looks at milestones.)
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