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Re: For those dealing with recurrent, constant thrush...there IS hope!!! (and benefit

I'm so glad I found this. DS is 1 wk old now and I'm starting to suspect yeast. I talked to lactation nurse this morning and she says it's either yeast or plugged ducts or a combo of both. So today I boiled my nursing pads, I pumped to drain out my ducts (felt WAY better after that, not so engorged), and I started a vinegar spray for after feeding. I can't get candex here ( I suppose I could order online) so I sent Dh to the drugstore for some brand of probiotic supplement, I'll get that when he comes home from work today.

What were your symptoms? I have knife stabbing pain at first latch, and some shooting pains into the breast while nursing. Most of it is at the first latch. Especially bad on my right side.
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