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Re: For those dealing with recurrent, constant thrush...there IS hope!!! (and benefit

Originally Posted by rawheid View Post
What were your symptoms? I have knife stabbing pain at first latch, and some shooting pains into the breast while nursing. Most of it is at the first latch. Especially bad on my right side.
It varied for me, and also depended on how soon I'd catch it. Sometimes I would start out just having pain when they'd nurse (kinda like they were using their teeth, but they weren't). It would only get worse from there. Other times I'd just notice my nipples and/or breasts start getting sort of itchy. And other times I'd just SEE them start to get pink and kind of "shiny" around the base of my nipples. Only once did I actually feel it deep inside my breasts (a burning feeling).

As it would progress, I'd have pain and burning during/after nursing, and oftentimes my breasts would get REALLY itchy.
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