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Re: What do you eat? Where do you get it? Grocery budget is killing me!

I don't know actually know a lot of people who cook every meal here. Given the cost of grocery, I think it ends up breaking even if you do takeout or at least some type of prepared food.

The only place I know where the cost of food is higher than Hawaii is Scandinavia, especially Norway. Over there, the cost of dining out is prohibitive so most people cook at home and they sort of stick to a very simple weekly menu. Now that my DD is a bit older and I want her to eat healthier than take-out food, I'm going to have to start planning some type of menu as well. Want to share some ideas?

BTW, the 2-for-1 pizza deal at Whole Foods on every Sunday is really a good deal. You also get a free string cheese or a piece of apple/banana per child (double check with c/s if it's per child or household though, I only have one so I've never asked) which means for $12, you get two large pizzas and 2 freebies.

Forgot to tell you before that I have been to the FM on KCC. It's is touristy but the prices are the same as other FM, pretty much. I love the WOW tomatoes!

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