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Re: Upper lip tie..

One here too, but thicker than your photo... well - the base part is thicker, like the triangle doesn't have a sharp point on it. I read about this from a FB post by KellyMom from the Funny Shaped Woman blog, otherwise I'd have no idea about it. In the beginning BFing was so painful I cried often. Thank goodness this was # 2 or I'd definitely have given it up. Now it's not amazingly comfortable by any means, but it's not painful. Pedi didn't really seem concerned - mostly because he's gaining weight just fine. He said I could take a wet washcloth and rub the part that would end up being between his front teeth to try to thin it / stretch it. I haven't done much of this due to teething. His latch for the first 6ish weeks or so was terribly shallow. We shall see what he says @ his 9 month appt next month. It's ironic because both myself and DS # 1 have almost no lower frenulum connection on our tongues so we can stick them out CRAZY (Gene Simmons) far. Then there's DS # 2 with upper tie and a pretty short lower frenulum too. Sigh. Poor kiddo!
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