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Re: how do you lay a baby down w/o them waking up?

I typically lay down with my DD (11 weeks) and feed her to sleep. I figure if it's got good sleepy hormones coming directly from the breast, hopefully it still has some pumped and bottled. I lay there with her for a bit, wait until she's deep asleep, and stick the dismount. First step involves removing my arm from under her head, then waiting a few minutes. Then I kind of pull away from her, and lay within reach for a few minutes, then I slowly (acrobatically) get up and off the bed and sneak out of the room. Sometimes it works and she sleeps for an hour or three, sometimes it doesn't and she only sleeps for another couple of minutes and repeat the process, sometimes she only naps a little. When she goes down in the afternoon, I typically go down with her, and we'll both nap a good three hour stretch. I am lucky, though, my son is 7 and can entertain himself for awhile. We go through the same routine at night. Sometimes with great results, sometimes the results suck. She is a bonafide sleep fighter.
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