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Originally Posted by Megap

When I first was was playing around with the inserts, I found that one layer of Zorb was actually MORE absorbent that three layers of MF and really didn't need 2 layers. Helps keep pockets trimmer too If you're looking for nights, then yes you would need both inserts.

Cotton Velour is kind of stay-dry. It feels drier than other cotton materials but it doesn't wick as much as a synthetic. It's absorbant, so it soaks in wetness. Also, since it's a natural fiber it's great for babies that are prone to rashes.

These inserts can go right next to baby's skin. So not only are they great in pockets, they would be great for Grovia, Flips and any other lay in systems.

Thanks! That was very helpful.. I have a super duper soaker though, he'd soak thru 6 layers of MF in 2 hrs! I am wondering if zorb is a thicker material in comparison to others? I would love to try one that has 2 layers of zorb in it. Would that be super bulky in my softbums? I tried it with a flip staydry insert and it wasn't too bad. Would you be able to make them i a medium with 2 layers and how mych wld they be with shipping?

Thanks so much!
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