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"Alice in wonderland birthday party"!! thoughts? ideas?

My DD is turning 8 this month!

I want to plan a dress up party for her "Alice in Wonderland" style!

I want to have eccentric decorations....beads, mis-match table cloths/decor, plates, etc.

I also want our "outfits" to be funky; lace, beads, long poofy skirts/dresses, jewelry, etc...

fun froo-froo party foods and this highly sought after RAINBOW CAKE

I saw a blog post by someone not too long ago that had this as a party theme...i think she made some of her outfits and her decor too...

so does anyone have any good links to point me to, or tips/ideas as to where to find some goodies to pull this off?

I am also going to post an iso for some of the stuff too...I plan to scavenger at thrift stores for some finds...and i may have some already....

any ideas for any foods/snacks/punches

thanks in advance for any tips!
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