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Re: Water birth- Why you did/Why you won't

Originally Posted by mrspnut82 View Post
I wanted one. I would have to pay for a homebirth to get it though. The birthing center in the hospital I'm going to has tubs to labor in but not birth in. Hopefully I will be able to enjoy laboring in it though. It just seems to help with the pain from what I've seen in videos and so peaceful for the babies.
When I took the tour and visited the tub the nurse told me that they had many people labor in the tub but not deliver. He was hoping that I would try to deliver in the tub. Once I was in the tub there was no getting me out so that is how ds was born in the tub.

At home I labored in the tub but got out to push. Just that change made things move along quickly so I found the tub to be great in either situation.

There were no labor tubs available when I gave birth to dd. So stayed home and labored in the bathtub. That was harder because I had to actually leave my house after I was so relaxed.
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