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Re: Water birth- Why you did/Why you won't

Originally Posted by Agla View Post
When I took the tour and visited the tub the nurse told me that they had many people labor in the tub but not deliver. He was hoping that I would try to deliver in the tub. Once I was in the tub there was no getting me out so that is how ds was born in the tub.

At home I labored in the tub but got out to push. Just that change made things move along quickly so I found the tub to be great in either situation.

There were no labor tubs available when I gave birth to dd. So stayed home and labored in the bathtub. That was harder because I had to actually leave my house after I was so relaxed.
Ya I've heard of women having an "oopsie" in the tubs. I'd totally do it but then I'd be afraid that they wouldn't know what the heck to do and the baby would suffer because of it somehow.
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