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This was what I came up with before moving over. Our lease is non-renewable so we'll be in the same situation come march.

$175-220 is average for my friends. Most have 2 bed apartments w/ laundry and no ac. They dont have to be conservative though, no kids no air drying, etc. but they work and are gone all day. The higher is a freak and washes everydays clothes before bed even though its never a full load.

Our Att cells 2 iphones texting is blocked, 1400 min with favs, unlimited data $135, $155 before our discount. Like I said on the other thread look for the discounts.

Netflix is $16 for streaming and 1 dvd out or just streaming or the mail service for $8.

The few times weve had pay tv its been because of some sign up deal and we cancel when the promo period is up, they usually offer some discount to keep service sometimes its good and we do. Unless it includes free movie channels where I need the box I tell them no because its $10 for the box rental and $5 for the remote every month that was time warner/roadrunner in san diego but all companies have a charge. Same with your modem. Buy one outright and save yourself the rental fee. Most recommend a motorola surf board you can find them on CL or ebay for $20

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