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Re: how do you lay a baby down w/o them waking up?

Originally Posted by aumismommy View Post
All babies are different, some go down half asleep in their cribs, some don't.

What works for us (we cosleep) is for naps I nurse him down then lay down on the bed with him and slowly move away. His naps went from 30 mins to anywhere between 1-3 hours for his morning nap and he still does a second nap that is about 1 hour. Nighttime we go through our routine of shower/bath, teeth, diaper, jammies then I nurse him and sing to him and that usually works to get him to sleep, if not DH comes in and sings to him for a few minutes and that does the trick, then we lay him down in bed until we go to bed then I usually end up nursing him (now though this isn't needing to happen as much since DS is sleeping lots longer).
All 4 of mine never go down half asleep. They only went down when I put them to sleep when they were fully awake before they were tired. Until about 8 months they took 3 2+ hour naps a day and from then until 14 months they took 2 2+ hour naps a day and then after that until 4 or 5 they would took 1 3+ hour nap per day.

Originally Posted by mama2cntrykids View Post
Hmmm...I've tried doing it when they're tired, but I haven't been successful. I will try the 1-1.5 hrs. and see. Yesterday was awful! She didn't sleep more than 5-10 mins at a time and last night, she woke every hour or two. I'm tired today. For her nap today she nursed to sleep in our bed and woke with-in a few mins. I then stuck a nook in her mouth and patted her bum until she fell asleep. Only last 20 mins. Did it again, only 10 mins this time. Third time was the charm.

That said, I don't want to have to keep going in there. I will try again with the putting her down before she's sleepy (think I have a hard time realizing when that is). Should she not have a nook at that time?
Try "seems" to early, but it isn't. It sounds like she is overtired....which will take an extra eye on putting her down before she gets tired. Can she keep the nook in her mouth? Has she been using the nook to fall asleep? You can always try to put her in there with the nook and see what happens.

Yes, it is hard to tell before they get tired, that is why I use the 1 - 1/2 hour rule of thumb. That is usually all they can be awake before they start to get tired.

Originally Posted by aumismommy View Post
Is she maybe just going thru a sleep regression? If that's the case then you may just need to wait it out then try the transitioning.
I disagree. It sounds like she is overtired. If a child or adult wakes prematurely then it is b/c they are overtired and can't get into the sound deep sleep phase. It is important to make sure she can put her down before she gets tired and start getting her body more rested to have a deeper and more sound sleep.
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