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Crushed by test results

I started charting four months ago and noticed that I have a really short luteal phase (7 days) so I called Kaiser to see someone about that. Before you are allowed to even make an appointment with an RE there you have to take a stupid class and do all of your preliminary blood tests and semen analysis. I did my FSH and estridol test on Monday. I couldn't help but look at the results online when I got the email that they were available. My FSH is 11.3 and my estradiol is 163

The packet that the gave out at the class suggests that my FSH level means my chances are low with or without treatment. It says the estradiol level means pregnancy is unlikely.

and I can't even schedule and appointment with the Dr. Until after the test on day 23. They shouldn't let people have access to these terrible test results until they actually get to see the Dr. It is terrible. WTH Here. I was thinking I had a simple luteal phase defect and I could take some progesterone and be fine. Now I am finding out that my eggs aren't up to snuff and I don't even have anyone to talk to. I can't believe this is happening.

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