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Uh-oh! Toddlers and chairs/climbing

Dd has now figured out how to move a kitchen chair across the table and up to the counter to climb onto the counter to play with the computer. We put the computer on the counter so she won't reach it but obviously it's no longer stopping her. I also worry about if she accidentally climbed onto the stove and it was hot. Besides the risk of falling, etc. I cannot leave the room for a minute to go pee or anything b/c she's that quick! She seriously looks for opportunities. I usually ask my 9 y/o to make sure she doesn't climb up if I have to pee or something but I hate to put the responsibility on her (in case something were to happen I wouldn't want her to feel responsible). Short of taking dd with me to the bathroom etc ant suggestions?

ETA: Just for fun, a pic. This isn't the counter, it's the table, but same idea. She's on the edge of the chair! She'll climb on the table too.
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