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Re: Uh-oh! Toddlers and chairs/climbing

Ha Ha! Good for her. Welome to my world. And, it only gets worse. Our solution was gymnastics classes but the trampolines there have only made it worse. Our house is too small for a trampoline in our house and outside would be a nightmare with the neighbors who think its ok to use our stuff despite them being 5 years too old, very destructive and have been asked repeatedly NOT to use it/be on our property (my rant).

My solution is to baby gate the house big time. I don't let him in the kitchen without us and we got one of those long gates to run across the living room to block the kitchen and dining room from the living room. The more I say don't jump/climb he does it more. I just hate the couch climbing/jumping. He more does it with me when he wants attention now.
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