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When did you start teaching your kids about touching?

Good touching versus bad touching, that is?

My son is 4. Yesterday he told me, "Mommy, people touch me."

I instantly reacted with a loud "WHAT???"

Turns out another boy at his nursery school pushed my son in the stomach at school because had wanted the toy my son was holding. The teacher addressed the issue with me, but of course, in my son's head, a push was actually people "touching" him.

Way to give Mommy a heart attack while we're home alone at night, little boy!

Seriously though, that got me wondering about when or how to address good touch vs. bad touch in general. I did tell him that he should tell the teacher next time if she doesn't see it, and I also quickly told him that only he can touch himself down there and no one else should do that.

But perhaps 4 is too young for that? When and how do you address good vs. bad touching???
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